Top Autumn Home Interior Colours

Autumn is upon us, and with the new season comes new colour trends for interior design. Perhaps the hottest colour, forecast for the coming season, is burnt orange. The warm, yet bright tones give comfort in the cold weather and bring light to the dark evenings. However, if orange isn't your thing, there are other colours this season, which may catch your eye. Shades of teal, plum and pear green are the other trendy tones for your home; but not all together in one room, of course.

Complimenting the burnt orange this year will be other autumnal shades, such as yellows and reds. You should note that using burnt orange on all four walls of a room is not a great idea; the colour can be too overbearing and may end up looking a little garish. Instead, use this stylish colour as the accent of a room, in fabrics and furnishings, rugs, decor items or feature walls. Burnt orange goes well with a number of earth tones, such as creams and browns, which will not be at risk of clashing with the accenting colour.

If you like shades of teal, think of luxury as you decorate. White furnishings go beautifully with this blue/green colour, and it looks fabulous in embellished fabrics, for both curtains and pillows. If you have a table in your room, why not give your room an extra splash of colour by adding a tablecloth. As this is a bright colour, it is important not to overuse it in one room.

If plum is your pick, then you want to pair it with some lighter shades of purple and light greys to balance the room. Plums and purples can be used relatively generously in some rooms, such as the bedroom, but it may be a little overpowering in a living room or kitchen, so use it sparingly in these areas.

Lastly, if pear green attracts you, you're in luck, because shades of green are a popular trend all year round. Pear green can go with many colours, but it does well as an accent colour against other more subtle tones, such as greys, creams and white. Use pear green in cushions, curtains and bedding this autumn, and you're sure to be on trend.

Charcoal greys are also in for autumn, and these shades are great for toning down bright colours. However, it is worth noting that the best colour to pair with charcoal is white.

If you like to change-up your interior design for each season, then the most affordable and easiest option is to combine subtle earth tones, on walls and fabrics, with colourful accents such as throw pillows and lampshades, which can be easily swapped out with other accent pieces for next season's colour trend.

10 Best Autumn decorating tips and ideas

Wrap your home in warmth for cool autumn weather with these simple decorating tips. In as little as a weekend, you can transform your home into a cosy retreat perfect for cooler weather.

Before cold weather officially hits, add a warm new paint colour to your walls. Select neutral tones that will warm up the room, and provide an easy backdrop to decorating the room around.

New lampshades are inexpensive and available virtually everywhere, but they will completely change the look of a living room or bedroom. For autumn decorating, select heavier shades that will minimally filter light.

Add warmth in every room with fabric. Lay out colourful throw blankets, decorative pillows, accent rugs, and don't forget to change out the light summer curtains for heavy draperies. Cover the couch with a fresh new slipcover for a quick sofa makeover.

Dress up the dining room table with a new tablecloth or table runner. Choose solid or printed linen with warm autumnal colours like pumpkin, chocolate, gold, or sage.

Decorate the inside of your home with bright-coloured pumpkins, apples, harvest corn, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fill baskets and bowls with your treasures, and display them on mantels, tables, and elsewhere in the home.

Purchase a few inexpensive pieces of framed artwork and swap them out for those already on the walls. Look for festive scenes of that feature pumpkins, scarecrows, harvest fields, and other relative settings. Don't forget to incorporate your own personal fall-themed portraits, as well.

Place artificial flower stems and leaves throughout the home, and accent different areas with pip berry swags, or autumnal wreaths. Arrange them atop cabinets; entwine them along stair banisters, and other unexpected places.

Scented candles do a great job at setting the mood of any room. Use an assortment of them to cast a soft glow to the room, and fill the air with the fragrant scent of sage, pine, cinnamon, pumpkin, and other comforting aromas.

Add small touches that count all over the home. Cinnamon pine cones, acorn napkin holders, glass containers filled with candy corn.... All of these little things add up to a big impact when used together.

When you think of fall, images of blooming chrysanthemums, asters, and marigolds come to mind. Bring pots filled with these colourful flowers into the home as part of your autumn decorating. Arrange the pots on staircases, window ledges, fireplace mantels, and side tables for a splash of colour.

Choosing the Right Curtain Pole for Your Home

When hanging new curtains, details must be tended such as window measurements and choosing curtain poles. After curtains have been selected and fit to the window size, poles also must be purchased and installed. The poles are highly important for the proper hanging of the curtain and curtain style and weight has much to do with the selection of the poles that will bear them. Certainly when selecting proper curtain poles, several essentials of the process must be considered: the room decor, the curtains to be hung, window measurements, and quality.

Furnishing Design

The room decor must be studied when selecting the curtains and curtain poles for window coverings. The poles as well as the curtains should complement the style of the interior space. In example, if the room is furnished with French Provincial decor, the curtains will pick up the style of the furniture and the accented colours of the room or neutral, blending hues. The curtain poles chosen for Provincial decor can be wood of the same variety as the furniture with a distressed, Old World charm, or metal poles of antiqued, brushed or burnished bronze.

Types of Poles

A wide range of designer curtain poles are available to help achieve any look desired and to also hold any type of curtain. The types available are poles made from materials such as metal, wood, and bamboo. The common metals used for poles are such as stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminium, and brass. Sometime, ornate and customized poles are used that are intricately carved or uniquely shaped. Additionally, poles are available that fit to the curve of a bay window or other unusual window frame shape.

Measurements & Pole Installation

In order to choose and install workable window poles, details must be collected regarding the measurement of the window frame and the weight of the curtains to be hung. Ensuring that the poles are strong enough for the curtains will determine the success of the curtain hanging. Most window pole packaging and wrappings include size and weight-bearing data as well as installation instructions that can be useful for learning the procedure.

Another point to remember is that brackets holding the window poles should be attached to a secure spot. Naturally, fastening them to a dry wall surface or to a flimsy window frame could mean disaster as heavy curtains are hung. When it comes to window dressing, window poles are important elements.

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